Get Help Settling Disputes Through Mediation

Mediation is an excellent option when you need to work out a problem with someone without going to trial. When you and the other party agree to mediation, a neutral third party will keep communication open between you. The job of a mediator is to remain neutral and help facilitate discussion. The process of mediation usually looks like this:

  • Agree to mediation
  • Choose a mediator
  • Mediation sessions
  • Settlement or impasse

Mediations are useful in low-conflict, noncontested matters, like some divorces. When you and the other party agree to mediation, your next step is to choose an experienced mediator who can keep things fair between you. Attorney Robert B. Kuenzel of Kuenzel Law, PLLC, is a trained mediator in West Virginia and can help you save money and stress.

Everyone Benefits From Mediation

Once both parties have chosen a mediator, the next step is to begin discussing the problem. During this process, the mediator will communicate with both parties by relaying all messages. Because the mediator has no power in these discussions, the opposing parties need to come to their own agreement. At the end of mediation, the parties will either settle the issue or it will remain at an impasse. Whatever remains unsettled can either go back to mediation or be taken to court.

Keep Things Civil With An Experienced Mediator

Mr. Kuenzel has been serving the Logan County area as a lawyer for over 16 years and can help you resolve your conflicts through mediation. If you need help solving your dispute in a civil manner, call us at 866-708-2460 or 304-310-4263 today or write to us online.