Many married couples argue about money at some point in their relationship, especially when the spouses approach saving and spending in very different ways. Serious debt may create a level of stress that contributes to angst in the marriage as well.

However, some spouses may be completely unaware of their true financial situation, believing they have no problems with money until they later learn about secrets their partners hold.

A new form of infidelity

NBC News explains that when one spouse deliberately hides details about money, a new type of infidelity in the marriage may develop. Research by suggests that as many as 15 million people consciously hide financial information or assets from their partners. This type of secrecy may snowball and contribute to more significant problems down the road.

Problems associated with financial infidelity

The spouse who remains unaware of a credit card or a bank account, for example, must grapple with potentially significant realities when learning about these things. In the case of a credit card, the unknowing spouse may find themselves forced to repay a debt they never incurred or benefited from. In the case of a bank account, the spouse may need to embrace the fact that a partner took money that should have been put into joint accounts.

Signs of potential financial infidelity

According to The Simple Dollar, one potential indicator that a spouse may be hiding something related to money is a shift in how that person responds or acts when the topic of money arises, especially if the new response is highly emotional.