Several factors can lead to a truck accident. Sometimes, the fault for an accident may rest entirely with the driver. Other times, mechanical failure may have played a major role in the accident. No matter what may have caused the accident, it’s important to hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions. By taking action, you can get the compensation you need for your injuries and other damages. The following are three common causes of truck accidents:

1. Drowsy driving

Federal regulations limit the amount of time drivers can stay on the road. However, drivers are under strict deadlines and may push past their limits to make a timely delivery. Drowsy drivers are dangerous regardless of which type of vehicle they are driving. A tired driver behind the wheel of a large truck traveling at highway speeds is particularly hazardous.

2. Distracted drivers

Because truck drivers are expected to make their deliveries on-time, multitasking can feel like a necessity. Talking on the phone, entering an address into a GPS device, and taking meals behind the wheel can distract a truck driver’s attention. Accidents happen in a split-second. Anytime a truck driver is not giving the road their full attention is a recipe for disaster.

3. Mechanical and equipment failures

Faulty or defective equipment can result in serious accidents. Negligent maintenance can result in a breakdown at the worst possible time. Poorly secured loads, blown tires, and other equipment failures can be a menace to other vehicles.

Demanding accountability

The truck driver may not be the only negligent party in an accident. The driver’s employer, a trucking company mechanic, or the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment may share in the blame. When you demand accountability from all negligent parties, you play a part in making our roadways safer for all drivers.