Child custody is the most common dispute in the family court in West Virginia. If you are a parent, then you should have a concern about the safety, education and the general well-being of your children.

If you are going through a divorce, one of the sticky issues is custody of your child. When you fail to reach an amicable agreement with your partner on the custody of your child, then the issue will most likely end up in a family law court.

Most custody cases involve modifications that get subjected to the support and custody orders. As such, the family law attorneys use most of their time to represent clients in the modification proceedings. For example, if you want to alter the visitation schedule of your child, then you need to prove to the court that circumstances have changed from the time the order was issued.

There are other issues that a family law court deals with daily. Such issues include the establishment of the paternity of a child. However, paternity cases are becoming easier to determine since the courts can order DNA testing. DNA testing is highly accurate, and it forms a basis through which a court resolves a paternity case.

Other common disputes that family law courts deal with include the termination of parental rights, grandparents’ rights, adoption, gay and LGBT relations. In recent times, family law has undergone a lot of changes. Filing a family law case requires that you have a good background in the law. Therefore, you should first understand what is at stake in your case.