A car accident does not need to involve multiple vehicles to be severe. A vehicle crashed into a fence in Huntington, West Virginia, early on a recent Friday evening. A woman who was a passenger in the vehicle sustained serious injuries that later claimed her life as a result of the accident. Law enforcement rerouted traffic in the area to side streets as the road where the crash took place remained closed for three hours thereafter.

At this time, the cause of the crash remains uncertain. Authorities have ruled out alcohol as a possible contributing factor but have not commented any further. People who live in the neighborhood report that it is commonplace for drivers not to observe the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour when driving along that stretch of road. As a result, collisions with fences occur in the neighborhood reportedly occur frequently. However, it is unclear whether speed played a part in this particular crash.

The vehicle contained two occupants at the time of the crash: a man who was driving and a female passenger. There is no report of the man sustaining any injury, although a resident of the area who lives nearby described him as “hysterical” after the crash due to the serious injuries of his companion. The relationship between the two occupants of the vehicle is unknown.

Reportedly, it took first responders a long time to get the woman out of the vehicle due to the severity of the crash. Having finally extracted her from the vehicle, they then took her to a local hospital where she later died.

It is sometimes possible for people injured in car accidents to recover damages from the responsible party. Those involved in a recent accident may find it helpful to contact an attorney for more information.