Truck accidents are always a dangerous situation. If a semi hits a passenger vehicle, the passenger vehicle always takes the most damage due to the sheer size difference. explains that truckers need to take responsibility and drive safe. This can help prevent many accidents in West Virginia and keep everyone safer. Here is a look at the top three causes of truck accidents:

  1. Speeding

Everyone knows that speeding is wrong and dangerous, but truckers often speed to beat the clock. Not only do they have demanding schedules with delivery deadlines, but also, they have to deal with hour restrictions. They have mandatory breaks they must take and limited hours they can drive. They can drive for 11 hours in any 14 hours and must take a 30-minute break every eight hours. These restrictions put even more strain on already tight schedules and lead to speeding.

  1. Bad driving habits

Truck drivers are as guilty as anyone of doing things they should not when behind the wheel, but when a truck driver makes a mistake, it can create a devastating accident that may cost lives or hold up traffic. Bad habits include texting and not keeping their hands on the wheel at all times.

  1. Drowsy driving

This ties in with the demanding schedule issue. Drivers try to do too much, working long hours for many days in a row. This leads to them not getting enough sleep and driving tired. Drowsy driving is just as bad as drunk driving and can easily lead to accidents. Some drivers explain that it is not so much that they do not want to stop and rest but that there is a lack of safe places to stop. Others say they have too many demands on their time to spend it sleeping.

When everyone commits to being a better driver, it makes the roads safer. It is not a matter of becoming informed about what is bad because most drivers know what they should and should not do when behind the wheel. It is a matter of accepting responsibility and making a promise to drive safer.