Many people who have gone through a divorce in West Virginia feel a sense of relief once they have the divorce decree in their hands. They are ready to start their new lives. There are certain steps a person needs to take in order to ensure that his or her life really can start fresh.

The first thing someone who took his or her ex-spouse’s name when he or she got married should do is change his or her legal name. This will require making phone calls, filling out paperwork and taking other necessary steps in order to change his or her name on his or her driver’s license, bank accounts, Social Security card, passport and any other place where his or her married name was used.

People will also need to consider insurance after divorcing. If they are under their ex-spouse’s medical insurance, they will need to get their own policy. Some individuals may need to make sure that their ex-spouses are no longer on their insurance policies. Other forms of insurance will also need to be considered, including car insurance, renter’s insurance, home insurance and more.

Some assets will need to be retitled. A person could obtain the necessary paperwork from the local Department of Motor Vehicles in order to retitle vehicles and boats. If one of the ex-spouses retains the marital home, the title on the property will need to be changed. It may be necessary to refinance the mortgage or have it put in just one person’s name if possible.

An individual who is anxious to get started with his or her new life after a divorce may benefit from working with a family law attorney during the division of assets and debt. A lawyer could provide advice on asset valuation, property division and shared accounts as well as assist with child custody issues.