People in West Virginia might be interested in learning about the upcoming three-day inspection blitz for commercial truck and bus drivers. The annual event is scheduled to take place from June 4 to June 6. During that time period, truck drivers and bus drivers will go undergo stepped-up inspections to ensure that they are in compliance, and their vehicles are properly maintained.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts the international annual event, and the focus of the blitz is to ensure that trucks and drivers that are traveling the nation’s highways are complying with the regulations and laws that are in place. This year, the CVSA states that the main focus will be on steering and suspension systems, which are crucial when it comes to drivers being able to steer their vehicles as well as support heavy loads.

In 2018, the three-day blitz resulted in 12,000 trucks and buses and 2,600 drivers receiving out-of-service orders. Drivers and trucks receive these orders if they are out of compliance with the safety laws and regulations. In addition to steering and suspension, inspectors will look at brakes, tires and other parts of the trucks. They will also inspect logbooks, CDLs and other driver documents. Drivers and trucks that pass the inspections will be given CVSA decals to place on the vehicles to show that they have passed the inspections.

The proper maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles are crucial for the safety of other people who are traveling on the roads. A poorly maintained truck may cause a catastrophic accident in which others may suffer serious injuries or fatalities. Victims of truck crashes may benefit from consulting with personal injury lawyers who are experienced in handling large truck crashes. Attorneys may fight for their clients in an effort to recover fair compensation for them.