Persons in Logan County and across West Virginia are injured in motor vehicle accidents every day. Thankfully, some of those mishaps yield minor consequences. Tragically, though, others are direct catalysts causing catastrophic injuries. In some sad cases, fatalities result.

A telling and unfortunate point concerning legions of crashes that victimize drivers and their passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians is this: They flatly wouldn’t have occurred absent third-party negligence.

That is, high numbers of wrongful death outcomes routinely occur because a driver was focused on something other than the road. Maybe he or she had one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around a cellphone. Amazingly, some motorists text and even engage in grooming activities behind the wheel. Others speed and/or tailgate. Some are desperately in need of sleep. And, of course, some are driving drunk or drug-impaired.

Many personal injury victims feel powerless in the wake of negligent driving behavior that has turned their lives – and often that of their family members as well – upside down.

They shouldn’t. Indeed, they can seldom afford to remain passive and undemanding in an accident’s aftermath. There are often tremendous costs linked with such outcomes, including steep medical bills, lost job income and ongoing rehabilitation outlays. A victim shouldn’t be paying these unforeseen costs.

Conversely, parties that have acted recklessly should be held accountable, and an experienced personal injury attorney can help ensure that they are.

Proven legal counsel that is timely contacted can closely investigate an accident matter and get to its truth. An aggressive and court-savvy attorney will also work diligently to fully identify all culpable parties and diligently pursue a maximum legal recovery for an injured client.

Behind-the-wheel negligence that causes harm to innocent parties must be addressed, with a just outcome vigorously pursued. An empathetic and knowledge attorney can help promote those important goals.